Introduction. Rules of listing and creating description.

There are certain rules for listing items and drafting their description. You can find them in Allegro User Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Charytatywni Allegro.

First of all, please remember that transactions are binding. When you list an item on Charytatywni Allegro, you are obliged to sell it to the auction's winner. You cannot cancel your auction (with some exceptions) and you cannot sell your item "outside Charytatywni Allegro".

These are rules worth reading before listing any item:

The elements of a description cannot infringe rights of third parties, including copyrights. Using photos and text of other people requires their consent. It is forbidden to use graphic or other marks, if a user is not authorized to use them.

See detailed rules related to item description:
· Charging additional fees
· Competitions and promotions
· Shipping costs
· Buy or swap
· Links (URLs)
· Keyword manipulation
· Ambiguous item description
· HTML/Javascript restrictions
· Copyrights
· Correct category
· Items of unknown condition
· Presale
· Rules of the Reserve price option
· Classified ads and advertisements
· Selling items outside Charytatywni Allegro
· About mepage
· Suggesting unethical use
· Numerous offers of the same item
· Vulgarisms
· Requirements related to the offer content
Auction descriptions saved on an external server or in a graphic form

Check what items are forbidden on Charytatywni Allegro.

An item infringing the rules mentioned above may be removed. If the violation is blatant or repeated, the seller’s account may be suspended.