Introduction. What items cannot be listed on Charytatywni Allegro?

There are certain goods that cannot be offered on Charytatywni Allegro (even when added for free to ordered items). However, there are also goods that require meeting special provisions in order to list them. This issue is set forth in the list of forbidden and restricted items, being Attachment No.1 to Allegro User Agreement.

According to the document mentioned above, items listed on Charytatywni Allegro cannot:

Moreover, it is forbidden to sell items that do not comply with the essential requirements.

An item infringing the rules mentioned above may be removed. If the violation is blatant or repeated, the seller account may be suspended.

If you have any doubts, whether your item can be listed on Charytatywni Allegro (or you are not sure of the requirements), contact us.

A detailed summary concerning each item from the list of forbidden and restricted items:

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